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«D’vision» agency has a several years’ experience in fashion business industry in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. It follows the latest fashion trends and takes part in all major shows, presentations, exhibitions and festivals. Models who cooperate with our agency are invited to the most prestigious city events and elite private homes.
«D’vision» agency doesn’t only include an escort agency, but also a modeling and recruiting agency.

Escort Agency

«D’vision» is primarily known as a prestigious escort agency with well-established contacts, an impeccable reputation and the most beautiful women models. We provide our models with proper living conditions and solid earnings. All the girls working in our escort agency are well-paid. They are aware that they work for themselves rather than for the agency.
«D’vision» favorably differs from other escort agencies. It is easy and pleasant to work with us. First of all, we care about our models’ comfort. Many girls, who came to conquer Saint-Petersburg, choose «D’vision» agency of all others. Those of them who don’t have an apartment in St. Petersburg are provided with comfortable accommodation; we help them settle in and even arrange familiarization trips. Our escort agency also helps the girls in difficult life situations. We open a personal bank account for each of them and, if needed, help to transfer money to other cities.
«D’vision» agency has its own security service. Its staff solves all the problems, concerning the protection of the girls’ life and health. Our models always feel comfortable and confident beside them.
With our help you can experience the night life of a megapolis, meet stars and get to talk to oligarchs and well-known politicians. Famous singers and TV presenters are invited as guest stars of «D’vision» agency. Our escort agency is an opportunity that you cannot lose.

Modeling Agency

«D’vision» is also known as a modeling agency. Our models appear on television, take part in elite fashion shows, video clips and different shows, city festivals and other events. The girls working in our modeling agency are often invited to photo shoots organized by glossy magazines.

«D’vision» personnel include the best stylists, make-up artists, hairdressers, fashion designers and photographers. Our girls attend and win prestigious beauty contests and obtain lucrative modeling contracts See the gallery of models

Ordering an escort:

The models of the D'vision Modeling Agency provide the full range of escort services to VIPs. We have an extensive model database of girls to help you choose the right model for your event, business meeting, dinner or trip abroad!

Our agency only works with reliable and specially trained models. D’Vision models working are attractive, presentable and speak foreign languages. Our elite girls are chosen precisely for elite men!

Following authorization, you will gain access to our private database containing complete and colorful portfolios. You will also be notified of all service updates to the site and the arrival of new escort profiles Мake order Контакты:
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Адрес: Кутузовский проспект, 39 197101 Москва
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